TrueMoney Wallet is an online wallet that facilitates your everyday payments within one app. Easy, convenient, fast and secure transactions can be made anywhere, anytime via your mobile phone.
1. TMN Wallet for foreigner is available for non-Thai citizen only (limited 1 person per 1 wallet account)
2. The applicant must possess an original passport valid more than 6 months from the date of application
3. Applicants must be over 15 years old from the date of application.
4. Passport photo must be clear and readable
5. Selfie photo must be clear and of good quality

The company reserves the rights to approve or reject your application for any reason.”

1. Application documents / Passport photo / Selfie photo is not clear
2. Your signature was not signed properly
3. You are Thai citizen
4. Due to our internal policies
5. You are under 15 years of age
6. Your passport is expired within 6 months from the date of application
7. You already have TrueMoney Wallet account”
The wallet limit is at THB 30,000 and the transaction limit is at THB 50,000 per month.
You can enjoy our services by the following;
1. Making payment at 7-Eleven and merchant shops
2. Pay utilities bills, mobile phone bill, credit card bills, etc.
3. Transfer money between TrueMoney Wallet accounts
4. Purchase additional packages of TrueMoveH (VAS and Top-up)”

You can fund-in via following channels;
1. Banking
1.1 Bind TrueMoney Wallet with your bank account (Now available only for K Plus)
1.2 ATM
1.3 Internet Banking
2. Merchant Shops (7-Eleven, Family Mart, CP Fresh Mart, AirPay Counter, TrueMoney Paypoint and True Shop)
3. Boonterm kiosk and TrueMoney kiosk

Absolutely! You can enjoy all the promotions and also get all cashback like Thai citizen customers.
We recommend you to spend all the balance in your Wallet first. However, if you want to get the balance back, please contact TrueMoney Customer Care 1240 and send us these documents.

1. Original copy of your passport
2. A copy of bank account in Thailand which displayed the name of owner matched with the TrueMoney account name

The process normally takes 3 business day.

Absolutely! You can use TrueMoney Wallet with all Thai mobile networks, like AIS, Dtac, TrueMove H or other networks, both for iOS and Android.
You cannot change mobile number or email address yourself. To change them, please contact TrueMoney Customer Care 1240 to delete your account first and applying the new account again. However, if there is the balance left in your wallet, we recommend you to spend it all before deleting your TrueMoney account.
You can reset the password at the sign in page or find the process by this link
By Thai law, TrueMoney Wallet application is an electronic payment method. Therefore, user’s identification must be verified to ensure security and to comply with the Anti-Money Laundering Act.

In terms of customer’s data security, the company will collect customer’s personal data from their identity verification as regulated by law. We are complied with international data security and privacy standard which requires us not to disclose any information to third parties except requested by law.

Every transaction is secured with the Two-Factor Authentication system following leading financial institutes’ standard.

The account will be automatically signed out if it has not been active for more than 15 minutes. Password will be required again for sign in.
Through TrueMoney Customer Care feature in the application. Our staff will receive notice and respond timely. Or contact Call Center 1240
(1) Register with your own e-mail address
(2) Do not give your SIM to other people => In case you give your SIM to others, please deactivate your wallet account first
(3) Do not share password / PIN with others
You can get your refund back via bank account only
– No operation fee if you fund-in via bank, merchant shops or TrueMoney kiosk
– Operation fee is required if you fund-in via Boonterm or TrueMini kiosk
– Within 12 hours for True bills
– Within 1-3 days for other bills starting from the day you make payment. Anyway, it also depends on the condition of reducing the debt of each bill