Fee Rates

Service FeesAmountRemark
TrueMoney Wallet top-Up Service
1. Top-up via banks(per transaction)
1.1 The Siam Commercial Bank0 Baht
1.2 Bangkok Bank0 Baht
1.3 Krungthai Bank0 Baht
1.4 Bank of Ayudhya (Krungsri)0 BahtPromotion: 
1.5 KASIKORN Bank0 BahtFree of charge until announced otherwise.
1.6 Thai Military Bank0 Baht
1.7 Thanachart Bank0 Baht
1.8 CIMB Thai Bank0 Baht
2. Top-up via shops(per transaction)
2.1 7-Eleven0 Baht
2.2 FamilyMart0 Baht
2.3 CP Fresh Mart0 BahtPromotion:
2.4 Tops Supermarket0 BahtFree of charge until announced otherwise.
2.5 AirPay Counter0 Baht
2.6 TrueMoney Payment Service Point0 Baht
2.7 True Shop0 Baht
3. Top-up via top-up machine(per transaction)
3.1 TrueMoney Kiosk0 Baht
3.2 Boonterm2-20 Baht
3.3 BB Top-up0 Baht
3.4 Easy Top-up2 Baht
3.5 True Mini Top-up (small kioskin front of 7-Eleven shop operated by True)1-20 Baht
4. Top-up by TrueMoney Cash Card20%
Other Services
5. Bill Payment(per transaction)
5.1 Bills of True Group0 Baht
5.2 Utility bills0 Baht
5.3 Credit card / personal loan bills0 BahtPromotion:
5.4 Leasing bills0 BahtFree of charge until announced otherwise.
5.5 Insurance bills0 Baht
5.6 Immovable property0 Baht
6. Top-up for Mobile(per transaction)
6.1 Top-up for TrueMove H airtime0 Baht
6.2 Top-up for TrueMove H data package0 Baht
7. Purchase of Goods(per transaction)
7.1 Purchase of True Money Cash Card0 Baht
7.2 Purchase of goods via online shop0 Baht
7.3 Purchase of goods on App Store0 Baht
7.4 Purchase of goods on Play Store0 Baht
8. Money Transfer(per transaction)
8.1 Money transfer into TrueMoney Wallet0 Baht
8.2 Money transfer to bank account20 BahtPromotion:  fee at 15 Baht for the specific period of time
9. Use of WeCard / True Card(per transaction)
9.1 Activate the Virtual WeCard0 Baht
9.2 Purchase of True Card for sale (e.g. TrueWhite card)69 BahtEffective from 1 April 2020 onwards
9.3 Card Annual fee0 Baht
9.4 Replacement of True Card69 BahtEffective from 1 April 2020 onwards
9.5 Foreign exchange rate fee3.5% of the amountCollecting the actual fee for merchants in which its company is located abroad. (Fee rate at 3.5% of amount, effective from 25 October 2018 onwards)
9.6 In case of the customer refusing the expense paid via WeCard/ True Card (Dispute)0 BahtProcess of refusing
1. The customer shall fill in the form of refusing the payment for WeCard/ True Card;
2. Send the document to Call Center, phone contact no. 1240;
3. Upon receipt of the document, TrueMoney will send the matter for inspection with the credit card service provider. The process will take approximately 14-30 days after receipt of the completed document.
10. Money withdrawal(per transaction)
10.1 Money withdrawal and account closure via True shop50 Baht
11. Termination/Suspension of the Provision of Services(per Month)
11.1 Account Maintenance Fee20 Baht
11.2 Balance Maintenance Fee (In case there is balance in the account after it is terminated.)20 Baht