Privacy Policy

True Money Company Limited (the “Company”) realizes the importance of the privacy and the Personal Data protection of the Company’s customers and clients (collectively called as “you”). Thus, to comply with The Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2562 (“the PDPA”), the Company has established the Privacy Policy and to notify you regarding the Company’s guideline for the collection, use and disclosure of Personal Data. By Providing your Personal Data to the Company, it is considered that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy. 

Type of your Personal Data processed by the Company 

“Personal Data” means the information relating to a person, which enables the identification of such person, whether directly or indirectly, but not including the information of the deceased persons in particular, such as name-surname, identification card number, address, telephone number, financial transaction.

In this regard, the Company will collect and use your mobile number which you have provided to the Company by your consent.

In case where necessary for the Company to collect, use or disclose your Personal Data which is out of the scope as specified in this Privacy Policy, the Company will inform you regarding such different characteristics at the time or prior to the collection, use or disclosure of your Personal Data. 

Basis and purpose of processing your Personal Data

The Company may collect and use your abovementioned Personal Data provided by you under the consent basis for the purpose of the commission fee reconciliation for the Company’s agent who facilitates you in downloading TrueMoney Wallet Application and registration of TrueMoney Wallet Account. 

In case, the Company would like to process your Personal Data for other legal basis and/or purposes, the Company will inform you regarding such different legal basis and purposes prior to or at the time of such processing of your Personal Data.

Your legal rights under the PDPA 

As the data subject under the PDPA, you have the legal rights as the following:

  1. Right to request for the copy of or accessing to your Personal Data processed by the Company
  2. Right to withdraw any of your consent given to the Company at any time during the period of such Personal Data possessed by the Company
  3. Right to request the Company to transfer your Personal Data to any other data controller or yourself if possible
  4. Right to object the Company to process your Personal Data for some reason
  5. Right to request the Company to delete your Personal Data from its database for some reason
  6. Right to restrict the Company from processing your Personal Data for some reason
  7. Right to request the Company to amend or correct your Personal Data possessed by the Company
  8. Right to file a complaint to the relevant authorities if you have found any breach of the PDPA by the Company.

In this regard, you may send your request to the Company’s Data Protection Officer via True Money Customer Care at 1240.

The Company will proceed in accordance with your request at its full effort within the reasonable time required by the PDPA. However, the Company is entitled to deny any of your request if there is any specific legal ground allowing the Company to do so. In addition, the Company reserves the right to charge for any expense from serving your request.

Retention of your Personal Data

The Company will retain your Personal Data as long as for the reconciliation of the commission fee for the Company’s agent as mentioned above for the period not exceeding 1 year. When it is no longer necessary to retain your Personal Data for such purposes or such retention period has ended or you have withdrawn your consent given to the Company, your Personal Data will be deleted, destroyed or made unidentifiable.


The Company acknowledges and realizes the importance of your Personal Data. Thus, the Company has improved and developed the security systems for your Personal Data in accordance with the laws, and up-to-date with safety in accordance with the international standard at all times. The Company will proceed at its full effort to comply with this Privacy Policy, and will urge the Company’s personnel, including data processors, who are entitled to access the Personal Data or have legal duty, to keep and respect your Personal Data security.

However, in case of computer espionage resulting that your Personal Data has been stolen, whether by ways of hacking, stealing, copying or destroying database, destroying personal code (password mining) or any other methods, without the Company’s fault, in such circumstance, the Company will have the right to disclaim any liability resulting from such act.

Improvement of Policy

The Company may make amendments to this Privacy Policy at any time and notify you of such amendment. By Providing your Personal Data to the Company, it will be deemed as acceptance of the amendment for each time.


Should you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, you may contact the Company as detail below: 

True Money Company Limited (Data Protection Officer)

Address : True Money Company Limited, No. 101 True Digital Park, Phoenix Building, Floor 7th, Sukhumvit Road, Bang Chak Sub-District, Phra Khanong District, Bangkok Thailand 10260

Contact Number : True Money Customer Care at 1240