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Frequently Asked Questions

TrueMoney Transfer is an international remittance service from TrueMoney. Services are currently available from Thailand to Myanmar and Thailand to Cambodia. Both the sender and recipient can send and receive money from any TrueMoney operating location which has a huge network in Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia.
To receive money from TrueMoney Transfer, just show either your identification card or passport, your mobile phone number, and the recipient code which the sender will receive during the transfer process. The recipient can receive the cash at any TrueMoney operating location and there will not be any transaction fee for receiving money.
TrueMoney Transfer is a service provided by TrueMoney which has been operating ePayment services since 2003 and has operations in 6 countries in ASEAN. TrueMoney utilizes a similar system to commercial banks, with the One Time Password (OTP) for its transactions. For the TrueMoney Transfer service, the sender is the only person to know the code to receive money. He/she will have to inform the recipient of the code. The recipient will then have to give this code to the TrueMoney operating location and present identification along with the mobile phone number that was given by the sender to be able to receive the money.
The TrueMoney system is via the Internet and is easy to use. A variety of services are available such as international remittance within ASEAN, mobile topup, and bill payment. It takes mere seconds to conduct a transaction and operating location receive a commission fee for every transaction.
Transferring money via TrueMoney Transfer does not require a bank account and registration is only required for the first use. The sender will have to show identification, such as an ID card or passport, and mobile phone number. The sender will then receive a code to inform the recipient when receiving the money.
TrueMoney Transfer's transaction fee starts at 50 Baht. The exchange rate used is a consistent and fair rate.